Our Mission:
Focused on investing in Downtown Detroit.
Redevelopment and stabilization of multi-family properties.

30 year seasoned Developer with over 300 properties completed and 84 Million in volume. Completing our projects, with professional and on time, in house construction services for maximum profitability. We do not charge the project a developer fee. We manage in house, deal with local Detroit trades and suppliers to ensure maximum saving to complete the project on time and on budget!

​Design Build Detroit, a dynamic re-developer.
​Our property redevelopment model emphasizes on all aspects of sustainable energy efficient solutions with quality urban-style details. ​

We offer our investment partners, real estate opportunities that earn safe and consistent profits!

​We’re currently looking for partners to invest in multi-family properties.
Investments are open to qualified accredited investors under SEC Rule 506(C) and Rule 506(B). Investors are secured by each individual property.

Why Detroit:

  •  We see a city putting itself back together and recovering its lost glory. This inexhaustible dedication inspires us as multi-family developers and investors.
  • We see great potential in implementing simple but effective sustainable technologies that go along with the Motor City’s resilient, creative, and independent spirit.
  • Residents have not only shown that they embrace bold bottom-up initiatives, but also that they have the desire to realize change.
  • Millennials and Urban Hipsters want to rent, while they travel the world.
  • That’s why the ideal city for our multi-family projects is Detroit: the do-it-yourself city.​